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B.J. Muirhead Co., Inc. is proud to announce the new Cleaver Brooks ClearFire® CFC-E High-Mass Condensing Firetube Boiler.


Exceptional Performance with System Engineering Flexibility


Made straightforward for you to incorporate a CFC-E condensing boiler into a retrofit design or a new construction project. There are no flow limitations to consider, and optimum efficiency can be achieved without the need to satisfy multiple-boiler design constraints.


Easy to Install


The ClearFire®-CE fits through a standard doorway, and the side casings can be removed easily for passage through tight-access areas. All of its components are fully integrated, pre-programmed and factory-tested for plug-and-play operation.






 While other manufacturers add mechanical devices and controls to monitor and correct for changes in combustion performance, the ClearFire® burner achieves this through the use of a gas valve/venturi system that automatically adjusts for combustion air density changes. This results in consistent fuel-air-ratio performance without additional actuators and controls.



Effective, Intelligent Control Strategies


The ClearFire®-CE features the Cleaver-Brooks Falcon control that has a built-in ability to control lead-lag, outside air reset, automatic isolation valves, primary pumps and BMS integration, enabling seamless design and functionality.


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