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For over 37 years, Cannon Boiler Works has been committed to partnering with thier customers to help produce the required energy for their needs in the most efficient manner possible, reducing fuel costs and emission of greenhouse gasses. Cannon’ equipment is designed to save up to 15% from a customer’s steam generation fuel bill, while saving fuel you get the added benefit of reducing emissions in the process.

Feedwater Heaters

Feedwater Heater Style Economizers
  • Compact Construction
  • Rigid Steel Construction
  • High-Performance
  • Removable Panels
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On Demand Condensing Economizers
  • On-Demand operation, only when your system needs hot water
  • ROI may be less than 1 year - installed!
  • Invisible to boiler system
  • Easily inspected and repaired
  • Once optimized for your operation, it automatically heat recovers maximum heat
  • May boost boiler effiiciency to over 90%
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Vent Condenser
  • No moving parts.
  • Easily installed.
  • Corrosion resistant materials.
  • Safety protected.
  • Extended surface.
  • Computerized selection.
  • One year guarantee.
  • Quality construction.
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Feed Water Heaters A unique economizer designed to recover your exhaust stack energy and save you thousands of dollars each year. Cannon Feedwater Heaters pay for themselves by reducing your fuel bills. We will provide you with an estimated payback period when you inquire, and it is normally less than one year Request More Information

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Ultramizer® High efficiency boiler heat recovery equipment, allowing existing and new boilers to benefit from this patented latent heat and water recovery technology, with 95% boiler system efficiency possible. Request More Information
Condensing Economizers In application the two are one-in-the-same, since they both recovery heat from an exhaust stream and return it to a colder water stream. The difference is the temperature range in which the economizer is operated. Our unit may look identical in outward appearance, but can be used in a condensing application if originally design to do so. Request More Information
On-Demand Economizers Economizers have been proven money saving concepts for nearly 100 years. Now we can extend the efficiency of the traditional rugged Feedwater Heater style economizer, with less impact on your boiler room than the standard installation. Cannon's On-Demand unit now converts waste gas heat to free energy for your process, with minimal effect on any other piece of equipment in your facility. Request More Information
90% Efficiency Much is being advertised these days concerning new equipment to boost industrial steel boiler efficiency to the 90% range, something that was unheard of a decades ago. But all new equipment may not be need to achieve this goal. Request More Information
Heavy Duty Economizers Cannon economizers are custom designed for optimum heat recovery and service life for your unique application. Cannon will design your economizer for gas, oil, coal, wood, or special waste gas streams. These units are available in open lattice or bulkhead tubesheet designs, and Cannon manufactures the nickel-brazed helical finned tubes used in all of our economizers. Request More Information
Vent Condensers The vent condenser is a plume abatement device that provides a visual improvement, as well as reducing water/ice or corrosion near the steam vent. Vented steam is directed into the unit and condensed by cold water, and energy is continuously recovered at a rate of 970btu’s for every pound of steam. This hot water and clean distilled condensate are then ready for use elsewhere in your operation Request More Information
Steam Accumulator A steam accumulator is a smart method to reduce severe boiler loading and cycling, when short-duration, high flow steam is required. An accumulator can reduce the fuel consumption and increase the service life of your boiler by stabilizing its operating conditions. Request More Information
Custom Heat Exchanger Cannon has full capabilities to design, build, rebuild, or repair your heat exchanger. We are experts in our ability to solve customers problems through innovative design and material solutions. Request More Information

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Transport Membrane Condensers

No products available. Please contact us for more information.

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