Maxi Therm

We proudly manufacture High Efficiency steam to liquid vertical flooded Heat Exchange concept for building heat and for domestic use transferring not only latent heat of steam but also sensible heat of steam in a 0% flash return system even at high pressure steam such as 175 psig and considering super-heated steam.

All major components including vertical heat exchangers, control valves, pumps and accessories are manufactured in the United States.

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Maxi Therm

Steam to steam generator Clean steam generation for humidification or sterilization using high pressure steam as the heat source Request More Information
Condensate mixers A cost effective way to mix high and low pressure condensate in a single return line. Request More Information
Building Heat base unit Base system for your closed hot liquid loop for building heat Request More Information
Building heat Ultimate package Complete package with circulating pumps and hydronic specialties for easy installation and floor space savings. Request More Information
Domestic Hot Water (double wall) Base system with stainless steel construction for domestic hot water applications. Request More Information
Packaged steam quality controlling system An automated steam to steam solution to maintain a 97% or greater steam quality level for sterilizers and humidifiers. Request More Information

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