Raypak MVB® Modulating Vertical Hydronic Boilers 87%

  • Sizes: 300,000 to 1,999,000 BTUH
  • 87% Thermal efficiency Cat IV venting required
  • Cast-iron headers with copper finned tube heat exchanger standard. Brass headers and cupro-nickel tubes available as options. ASME Section IV constructed and stamped, National Board Registered
  • Modulating gas value and burner, up to 7:1 turndown
  • Smallest installed footprint (5.4 square feet) design fits tight spaces and easily replaces larger boilers
  • All models indoor/outdoor certified
  • Meets all Low NOx regulations
  • Available for natural gas or propone
  • VERSA IC® control package with built-in outdoor reset function
  • On-board diagnostic center, English, no codes
  • 0-10 VDC BMS Interface (setpoint or direct drive)
  • Built-in cascade function for up to 4 boilers
  • Modbus® RTU port (RS485)

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