SwitchFire Condensing Boiler

  • Size range: 6,000, 10,000, 12,000 MBH capacities
  • Uses: For healthcare facilities, building heat, manufacturing processes, colleges/universities
  • Fuels: Dual fuel condensing – gas with #2 oil back-up or gas-only condensing
  • Pressure: 160 psi
  • Efficiency: Fully condensing with up to 98% efficiency
  • Emissions: Standard less than 30 ppm NOx (natural gas), Standard less than 60 ppm NOx (#2 fuel oil)
  • Materials:  316L stainless steel construction

Designed for use in variable flow primary systems, the SwitchFire® boiler is a high-mass, fully condensing firetube boiler constructed of 316L stainless steel. The boiler is designed to handle variable flow pumping with a low waterside pressure drop and large water volume. With its dual fuel (natural gas and #2 fuel oil back-up) capabilities, as well as a variety of other fuels, the SwitchFire® is well suited for healthcare applications and other facilities requiring redundancy with alternate fuels. With its Weishaupt burner and controls, the SwitchFire offers industry leading efficiencies and performance with both natural gas and #2 fuel oil firing.

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